Will You Try These 5 Nail Trends This Summer?

If there was ever a time to indulge in manicures and pedicures, it would be for the long, hot days of summer. Gloves and closed toed shoes are no longer necessary pieces of attire, which means fingers and toes are out on display for the world to see. But while this added effort may seem like one more thing to worry about, use the opportunity as a excuse to show off your style, and decorate your nails with the must-try trends. Read on to catch up on five nail looks you’ll want to test out this summer.

  1. Oval shapes. Forget the common place short and square look that’s repeatedly requested at nail salons. Grow out your nails a bit and opt for an oval shape.
  2. Chip-free manicures thanks to gels and Minx. Who wouldn’t want this? Weekly manicures will turn into bimonthly trips, and all the time spent waiting for nails to dry is long gone.
  3. Green hues. Colors have become bolder in the past few seasons, and this summer, greens are filling the racks for manicure options.
  4. Foil finish polishes. Childhood nails were painted with flecks of sparkle, but this summer, try the grown-up version: foils for a perfect metallic look.
  5. Turquoise. On everything. It is the color of the year after all.