Why Everyone In NYC Wants To Dress Like A Waitress Now

While the most recent workplace drama has been about American Apparel’s refusal to hire employees with “off-brand” style, there’s one place some might want to work just for the required uniform. At NYC’s swank Thompson Hotel, waitresses’ workwear consists of a sexy Nanette Lepore design. The body-hugging black cocktail dress features spaghetti straps and a boob-centric neck line, suggestive zippers all around, and an open back. Apparently, the dress is so hot, hotel clients have been asking where they can purchase one. Which, come to think of it, might point to a major downside of the attention-grabbing item—you want it to be an outfit you work at a nighttime venue, not a uniform you work in. We suppose it all depends on the woman who wears it.

What do you think—would working in such a sexy and trendy garment be your living hell? Or designer heaven? [Blackbook]