What Are Your First Impression Dealbreakers?

We talk a whole lot about dating dealbreakers here in the Friskyverse, but I want to chat about what makes us say, “No way!” in 30 seconds flat. Ya know, before we have a chance to find out that he hates our clothes, thinks we need grooming, or is incapable of feeling love. My biggest first impression dealbreaker is a pair of those long, pointy-toed loafers. I know it’s superficial, but I can’t help it. If a guy is wearing them, I’m walking away. End of story. I’m also really turned off by a man doused in cologne. It’s an assault on my senses! After the jump, some of the Frisky staffers share their first impression dealbreakers. Share yours in the comments.

“Bad facial hair. Like anything you would see on a perp walk. Oh, and if he was smoking, I would think ‘We’re done here.'” – Jessica

“Bad shoes, whether they’re mandals (flip-flops are an exception, usually) or horrible black running shoes with white socks. I mean, NO. Talking only about himself. Indicating he has money trouble or is poor or is cheap on the first date. Not because I won’t date someone with money problems or who is poor, but I don’t like talking about money on a first date. Which is why guys who brag about how much they make or what kind of douchey car they drive are out too. Goatees (exceptions made for black men, because they look good with goatees for the most part). But bonus points for beards!” – Amelia

“Plaid flannel shirt. Lying about height. Doesn’t smile.” – Susannah

“No moose knuckle. Other than that I’ve always been fairly flexible.” – Judy

“Seeming really nervous and being unable to get out a first sentence. Cursing more than once in the first minute. Making your first comment something negative—about how annoying the train was, or how bad the weather is, or how much the bar sucks, blah, blah,blah.” – Kate

“A blackberry on the belt. If he’s a heavy breather with chapped lips. If he smells like: mildew, day-old booze or Axe Body Spray.” – Joanne

“Saggy pants, gelled hair, tight muscle shirt, military-style crew cut, ugly tattoos. Anyone who looks disappointed when he first sees me. Good-bye!” – Wendy

Look, some of these are obviously not set-in-stone-forever-no-matter-what — but you know you have first impression dealbreakers, too. Spill!