Quickies: The Dark Side To The World Cup & Jamiroquai Makes A Comeback

  • Behind the World Cup scene, some players are being subjected to human trafficking. Check out tonight’s episode of “Vanguard” on Current TV to see the dark side of professional soccer, in which some young players are sold for $500. [Vanguard]
  • Bon voyage on your summer travels! Before you go, read up on these travel tips to ensure a safe and fun vacation. [Crushable]
  • South Korea gets sexy! Every time the country’s soccer team plays well, the whole country scores. [F Listed]

  • Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” video has been revamped in order to sell Ramen noodles in Japan. [Urlesque]
  • Snorting, gagging, or hyena cackling — you’ve never heard chuckles like these. [Manofest]
  • A barmaid was fined for how she dresses. Dress code violations in public? No, thanks. [Perth Now]
  • Keep dreamin’. Check out the interpretations of the most common dream themes. [Lemondrop]