“Human Barbie” Mom Teaches Her 7-Year-Old To Pole Dance

This is one of those stories that you hope is just something from an episode of “30 Rock,” but then you’re, like, Ugh, these people really exist:

Sarah Burge, 50, owns a swingers’ sex party club and is known as the “Human Barbie” for her $600,000-worth of plastic surgery treatments. She’s also the mother of three daughters. Her eldest, Charlotte, 23, dances burlesque; her middle daughter, Hannah, 16, started getting Botox injections last year; and her 7-year-old, Poppy, wears lip gloss, high heels and makeup, and loves pole dancing.

Yep, she’s 7.“I’d rather her be healthy and ambitious than sitting in front of the TV all day getting fat like most children,” Sarah Burge told the Daily Mail.

I hate to say it, but Barbie Mom has a point. In and of itself, there isn’t anything wrong with a kid playing on a pole or “pole dancing” or whatever you want to call it. When kids do it on playgrounds with firemen’s poles, in dance studios, and in gymnastics studios all across the world, it’s called playing. (And I can speak from experience that pole dancing really is good exercise.) Generally, I think kids — think 4-year-old Suri Cruise wearing lipstick — are blithely unaware of any “sexualization.” They just think they’re having fun emulating mommy.

But, of course, the Human Barbie is all about the sexualization. As an ex-Playboy Playmate who runs a swingers’ club, that appears to have been her focus in life and it’s the life she’s offering her children. She’s trying to pass it off like she just lets her kid play on a pole, but in actuality she’s denying her 7-year-old a childhood. She told the UK’s Sun newspaper, “Poppy is very mature for her age and acts like a mini-adult. She already wears heels, makeup and designer clothes, and, like her mother, has a determined nature. She takes at least an hour to get ready for her lesson and is never without her lip gloss.” Gak, did this woman escape from “Toddlers & Tiaras” Island or what?!

Papa Burge, by the way, is totally, like, “whatevs.” Typical.

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