Dear Wendy: Have I Given You Advice In The Past?

In yesterday’s Dear Wendy column, reader ACooper commented: “I think it would be a great series if once in a while we get some feedback from the letter writers after some time has past. It would be nice to hear if people took your advice, if they are still stuck, if they are happy, etc.” I think it’s a great idea and am opening a call for anyone who has written to me in the past and had his or her letter published in the column to email me ([email protected]) with some feedback and an update. Did you hate my advice? Did you love it? Did you follow it? And because this is often a community effort, I’d also love to hear how commenters affected any decision you made in regards to the issue you wrote in about. If you could, please send a link to the column in which your letter appeared and a brief update on how you’re doing now and whether the advice you received here helped you. I’ll share your feedback with our readers, and as always, you’ll be kept anonymous. Email me at: {encode=”[email protected]” title=”[email protected]”}. Thanks!