Quick Tip: Use Self-Tanner On Stretch Marks

As you’re all well aware, it’s swimsuit season. We’re half happy not to have to wear much clothing when it’s about 90 degrees out, but also half annoyed at ourselves for how self-conscious we sometimes get about the jiggly bits. We’ve all got them, but sometimes the little flaws feel more daunting than they reasonably should. Stretch marks, for example. Infuriating, right? Whether you’ve got one or 50, they’re no fun and it’s a little hard to be totally confident in a tiny bikini when your skin appears to be ripping at the seams. If you can get past them, more power to you; we’re jealous. If stretch marks cause you to spend a little too much time coming up with swimsuit strategies to cover them up, we’ve got an idea: self-tanner. Sun tanning and tanning beds, aside from maybe giving you skin cancer, don’t really tan stretch marks, which are deeply embedded below the surface of the skin. In fact, the more tan you get, the more obvious stretch marks can become. Topical tanners, however, pigment the surface of the skin and can disguise stretch marks to some extent. Go easy with the tanner if you’re going to try it out, but a light shade evenly dispersed is about as close to stretch mark camo as it gets without stepping into the realm of body makeup, which seems like altogether too much effort to us.