“Bachelorette” Mystery Solved: Justin Rego’s Reappearing/Disappearing Broken Foot

The writers over at TV Squad have a serious eagle eye. Looking at a replay of last week’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” they noticed that during Justin Rego’s epic walk on crutches to surprise Ali at her house, his broken foot changed sides. For most of the walk, the cast was on his left foot, but then for a shot, it switched to the right before going back to the left. So what gives? Find out — spoilers ahead — after the jump! We know lots about Justin is fake. Rumor has it that he had not one but two girlfriends while he was filming the show and pretending to vie for Ali’s love. So would it be too much of a stretch to think that he faked a broken foot for sympathy? Or worse, that the producers of the show asked him to fake a broken foot to make his character seen more interesting and his long walk to Ali’s house seem crazier? Turns out that neither is the case. The producers of the show have written TV squad with an explanation. “Justin definitely had a broken left foot for the duration of the filming of ‘The Bachelorette.’ For the geographic clarity of Justin’s journey to find Ali, we thought it best to ‘flop’ a shot,” they wrote. “‘Flopping’ a shot creates a mirrored version of the image. The unintentional consequence was that Justin’s cast in the mirrored version appears to be on his right leg rather than the left.” Okay, so an iota of our faith in the realness of reality TV has been restored. Phew! [EW]