Audioo’s Voicemail Sharing Site Is The Most Hilarious Thing Ever

Audioo needs little introduction. A sort of spin-off on Texts From Last Night, the website brings you a huge database of hilarious voicemails. Predictably, many of them fall into the “drunk” category, but there are also completely random ones from people who don’t sound human (see “Dracula on Acid”), annoyed moms chewing out their kids, and annoyed kids chewing out their moms. Our favorites involve female crises (“The bridesmaid dresses just came and all the dresses are supposed to be blush pink. And they’re… petal pink… I mean it’s like, it’s like, practically… coral … I’m just, I’m gonna die…”) or crazy girlfriend behavior (“Hey, so my cat thinks you’re really sexy. And that if you had a theme song, it would go like this…Meow chicka-meow-meow.”) You just have to hear for yourself. [Audioo]