Amazing Blog Alert: The Highlights From “I’m Remembering!”

im remembering bubble yum jpg
It can be fun to remember the stupidly embarrassing things we did when we were kids. Especially if we were kids in the ’80s, the cheesiest time in history, like, ever. Hillary Buckholtz’s blog, I’m Remembering!, is chock-full of ’80s nostalgia that will take you down all sorts of memory lanes you completely forgot existed. Thanks to her, I’m remembering my Bubble Yum Gum obsession. I used to hide ABC (“already been chewed”) pieces of the sugary stuff under my nightstand and pop them in my mouth after my parents had put me to bed. Grape was my nighttime flavor of choice. Why? Because I was a weirdo. Inevitably, it usually ended up in my hair in the morning. My mom loved that! [I’m Remembering]

After the jump, some more things that “I’m Remembering!” made me remember. Don’t laugh. OK, fine … do. What are you remembering? Share your cringe-worthy memories in the comments.

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