All “The Human Centipede” Stuff You Could Ever Want, And Then Some More

human centipede g1 jpg
Have you heard about “The Human Centipede“? It’s a movie about a crazed German scientist who attaches two women and a man together into a human digestive tract chain. Get the idea? Great. Our lead editor Amelia describes it as “a movie that manages to be vile and horrifying without having much blood and gore,” and our own “Mind of Man,” John DeVore, calls it, “devoid of any social purpose (although it does teach a valuable lesson about teamwork).” It’s like a 21st century “Citizen Kane,” but, you know, not. Truly, “The Human Centipede” has become a phenomenon, and there is no meme that does not produce its own stuff. Ergo, we have curated a collection of human centipede things for human centipedes and their fans.
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