Cougar Zank: 5 Things You Need To Know Heidi Montag’s New Press Tool

If you are still interested in the Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt circus, then you probably have heard the name Cougar Zank. “The Coog,” as I am now calling him, is rumored to be Heidi’s first new man after maybe splitting with Spencer. Spencer is certain that his wife and Zank are shacking up together, and that they possibly started their relationship before Heidi and Spencer separated. It is hard to say how truthful the rumors of the new fling are when all of Speidi’s life choices are carefully calculated to get the most press. Regardless, it seems that Zank has agreed to be the new pawn in their wacko web. This means you should probably know a little bit about him, because it looks like The Coog is sticking around.

  1. Not so surprisingly, Cougar Zank wasn’t born with that porn-perfect name. His real name is Paul Roberto Korzenko.
  2. Cougar used to be the guard cat for Speidi. The ex-marine served as the couple’s head bodyguard and was a close friend, until both ended when Spencer got paranoid and fired Zank after getting suspicious about his relationship with Heidi. It sounds like Spencer has been hitting those crystals a little too hard. [Radar Online]
  3. As with almost everyone associated with “The Hills,” Cougar has dreams of becoming an actor, and has actually landed some bit parts. Outside of popping up on “The Hills,” Zank has landed some thrilling roles, such as a prison guard in “CSI: Miami” and a solider in “War of the Worlds.” [IMDb]
  4. You can’t try and tame “The Coog,” as several police officers have found out. Zank has had a series of run-ins with the law—including several DUIs, lying to the police, charges for battery of cohabitant and pot possession. The picture for this post is one of what I imagine to be many mug shots. [Radar Online]
  5. Apparently Zank’s roommate battery charges didn’t scare Heidi off, because she is now said to be living with him. Cougar has been residing in Speidi’s Malibu property as a perk of being the couple’s protector. When she and Spencer “separated,” Heidi decided to move out to the Malibu house, so now the big cat no longer roams alone. [Radar Online]

If all of this still doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, a new show about a freshly Spencer-free Heidi is in the works. I’m sure this means a chance to see the inner workings of Cougar Zank, if there are any to speak of.