Kate Hudson’s New Fling: 10 Things You Need To Know About Matthew Bellamy

Kate Hudson seems to have found herself a new fling after things fizzled out with A-Rod in December. To some, musician Matthew Bellamy may look familiar; the 32-year-old is the frontman for the band Muse. The new couple was captured strolling around Paris, after Hudson apparently flew into France to catch Muse’s show. The two don’t seem to be immune to Paris’ romantic allure, having several cozy dinners—one of which turned into a double date when they ran into Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger at the same restaurant. [Daily Mail]

Summer love happens fast, as the wise words of “Grease” go, so it’s time to study up on Bellamy before this relationship breaks down or takes off.

  1. Hudson has landed herself a man from across the pond. Matthew was born in Belfast, Ireland and raised in England.
  2. The members of Muse met at Teignmouth Community College, where they formed the band Rocket Baby Dolls. After they won the school’s Battle of Bands they decided to take their group a little more seriously and changed their name to the much less tacky Muse. [BBC News]
  3. Bellamy is rock royalty of sorts. His father is George Bellamy, who was a guitarist for the English band The Tornados. The group was the first British import to have a single hit number one on the U.S. Billboard charts with the song “Telstar.” Listen to this song and then Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia,” and see if you sense a tribute to Papa Bellamy. [NME]
  4. Matt is lauded for his mean falsetto. (So much so that our pop culture editor Kate thought he was a woman for years, until she saw the band live. That is also something I probably wasn’t suppose to tell you.)
  5. The Muse frontman is a big believer in Geoism, also known as Georgism. Named after Henry George, followers believe that everything created or earned by a man or woman belongs to them fully. Geoist also believe that everything that comes from nature should be shared among all people equally, especially the land. This means no taxes on your paycheck and that celebrities should downsize their space-consuming mansions. [Knowledge Rush]
  6. Bellamy was previously engaged to psychologist Gaia Polloni. The couple planned to get married in 2009, but broke their engagement. Maybe he and Kate can help heal each other’s broken hearts, through sweet music and bad rom-coms. [Mail Online]
  7. Adam Lambert showed the inspiration he drew from Muse by performing their song “Starlight” on the “American Idol” concert tour. Bellamy responded to Lambert’s gesture by penning the song “Soaked” for Adam’s debut album. [Celebrifi]
  8. Bellamy doesn’t care if you think having Muse’s music in the “Daily Record]
  9. Matthew admitted that he always had a thing for older women, citing 72-year-old Jane Fonda as one of them. He said that he met the actress once but didn’t have the charm to catch her attention. Maybe Fonda was just nervous? [George Clooney’s Lake Como property and often sees Clooney on his bicycle. But what Matt wants is for George to get off the bike and invite him over for a game of cards. Maybe Kate Hudson is just an elaborate plot to get closer to joining Clooney’s poker parties? [STV]