Anna Mouglalis Calls Coco Chanel A Misogynist

Anna Mouglalis, the latest actress to play Coco Chanel, thinks the designer was a bit of a misogynist. “She is recognized as a huge feminist, but most of the things she did, she did for herself and not for women in general,” Mouglalis told Vogue. “I would even push it further, thinking she was more of a misogynist than a feminist, since she only had male friends,” said the actress and former model. Mouglalis’ turn as Coco in the biopic Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky is a rather dark look at Chanel’s affair with the married Stravinsky and Kaiser Lagerfeld is none-too-pleased. Apparently he has said that her performance in the film “has no relation to Mouglalis’ talent for other roles.” Harsh words for someone who once hired Mouglalis to model for the brand. [Elle UK]