What Is The “Bachelorette” Vetting Process?

Last night, “Bachelorette” contestant Kasey Kahl showed the true level of his crazy, repeating the phrase “I’m here to protect and guard your heart” 90,000 times and getting an ugly tattoo on his wrist to symbolize his intentions. During their one-on-one date, Ali questioned Kasey’s sincerity. We, on the other hand, totally believe that he is this in love with a girl he barely knows, and thus we are questioning his sanity. Which brings us back to the age-old question—how do “Bachelorette” producers vet the men?

Luckily, Jesse Csincsak—the guy “Bachelorette” DeAnna Pappas picked in season four—has teamed up with Radar to reveal the whole process.It begins with the contestant making a home video. If producers like it, they fly him to Los Angeles. A written test is then slipped under his door—it’s 1,200 questions and took Jesse six hours to complete. (Sample question: “Do you love your mother?”) Next, they do a test on-air interview with a casting producer. Followed with interviews by eight producers. From there, they take blood and urine samples to test for blood, alcohol, and STDs. And then comes an interview with a psychologist. Within 24 hours, the potential contestants are back in their home cities.

And that’s not even all. When the contestants gather to begin filming, they are re-interviewed and a few more are eliminated hours before they’re supposed to meet the Bachelorette. Filming for the first cocktail party begins at 8 p.m. and goes until 5 a.m., and which point the Bachelorette sends more dudes packing. The remaining men move into the house and are required to sign a 21-page contract, which includes lots of clauses about future TV appearances. Says Jesse, “If we get married, they practically own us!”

Oh, and according to Jesse, the Bachelorette is asked to pick her potential final four that very first night.

So with all this vetting, it’s unclear to me how the producers aren’t able to figure which dudes have girlfriends and which are just plain nuts. Seriously, Kasey didn’t show any signs of mental weakness in all these interviews? I just find that hard to believe. Makes me think they keep around the crazies because it makes for good TV when they reach a breaking point. [Radar]