Today’s Lady News: “Top Model” Judge Calls Plus-Size Models A “Joke”

  • Julien Macdonald, a designer and a judge on “Britain’s Next Top Model,” issued a slap in the face to plus-size models everywhere when he said they don’t belong on his show. “There were no plus-size models,” he said, referring to the show’s sixth season. “This is a serious show. You can’t have a plus-size girl winning. It makes it a joke. It’s not fair on them. You’re setting them up for a fall. I know what would happen to them. They’re looked down upon.” Ugh, what condescending hogwash! Ever consider that maybe you are part of the problem, Julien? [Styleist]
  • Debrahlee Lorenzana, the former banker who is suing Citibank for sexual harassment, has hired feminist lawyer to represent her. [New York Post]
  • A 66-year-old Indian woman has become the oldest person in the world to give birth to triplets after IVF treatments. Bhateria Devi, who was childless before IVF, had two boys and a girl. All three of the babies were born under three pounds. [Daily Mail]

  • Eve Ensler, the playwright behind “The Vagina Monologues,” is undergoing treatment for uterine cancer. Ensler is also active in V Day, a organization which seeks to end violence against women and girls worldwide. Get well soon, Eve! []
  • Colorado has put a “personhood amendment,” which would give a fetus legal protections as a human being and criminalize abortion, back on the state ballot. Ugh. [Politics Daily]
  • Louisiana’s state senate gave final approval to a bill yesterday that will give the state health secretary more power to revoke abortion clinic licenses in cases of safety or health concerns. Let’s see how judiciously that one pans out. [WWLT]
  • Documents from the Food and Drug Administration say ellaOne, a longer-lasting version of the morning-after pill which works up to five days after unprotected sex, is safe. A panel of experts is expected to put up ellaOne for approval or disapproval at a meeting on Thursday. [Reuters]
  • Donnell Anderson of Montclair, New Jersey, was charged with sexually assaulting two women in Irvington while posing as a police officer. Anderson, who is a minister at a church in Jersey City, allegedly carried fake badges and in one case told a woman there was a warrant out for her arrest. His bail is set at $1 million. []
  • Blogger Shirea Carroll at is not keen that, once again, the role of Cleopatra will be portrayed onscreen as a white woman. Liz Taylor played the Queen of the Nile in the past and Angelina Jolie has inked a deal to play her in an upcoming flick. “Just when we thought there weren’t enough leading roles for Black women in Hollywood, they create one and give it to a White woman,” Carroll wrote.
  • Gay rights blog Queerty asks, why didn’t “Real Housewives of D.C.” cast a married lesbian? Yeah, good question. Why hasn’t there been a lesbian “Housewife”? []


  • Women in southern Africa have started testing a microbicidal vaginal ring which seeks to kill the HIV virus. Experts say heterosexual sex is the main mode of HIV transmission and outfitting women with vaginal rings could prevent them and their future children from infection. [Washington Post]
  • Thirty-six Dutch females in orange miniskirts drew so much attention at a recent World Cup game that they were accused of staging a marketing campaign and asked to leave. The orange skirts were sold with Bavarian Beer back home in the Netherlands before the World Cup and women were encouraged to wear them at the games. Budweiser, the game’s official sponsor, is the only beer vendor allowed to advertise at the games, [New York Post]
  • A German mom was caught by police breastfeeding her 18-month-old baby while driving. She was charged with failing to properly secure a child in a moving vehicle and not wearing a seatbelt herself. We 100 percent support breastfeeding in public, but … []
  • Police Officer Jamie Slater of the U.K. has been arrested for having sex with female drivers in exchange for dropping their driving infractions. Slater allegedly stopped women for minor driving offenses, got women’s cell phone numbers and then called them later to meet him for sex. [BBC]