Quickies: Alaska Struck By A “Magniturd” & Kim Kardashian And Justin Bieber Get Steamy

  • Fox 13 in Utah made a stinky mistake when one of the anchors said Alaska was struck by an earthquake with a magniturd of 7.2. [Manofest]
  • It isn’t just our lifestyle that is going green; the new nail trends for this summer are out. Would you rock green nails? [StyleList]
  • What are men thinking after a one-night stand? The wise guys tell all. [Em & Lo]

  • Kim Kardashian may have Bieber fever, but is this fever turning into something seductive? Or are Kim and Justin just friends? [PopEater]
  • Hanson started the “MMMBop” craze in 1997, but quickly faded off the radar. Can their new song, “Shout It Out,” bring them back to stardom? [Lemondrop]
  • Animal prints have always been in style, but are leopard print bags the new trend of the season? [ThePurseBlog]