Questions For Our Fathers: Ami’s Dad

In honor of Father’s Day we’re interviewing our dads to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. Today, Ami’s dad.

My dad Zac is the coolest cat on the block. He’s a Brooklyn dude who was a former college basketball player. And he’s still at the top of his game 30 years later. He’ll whoop your butt at just about any sport and he still makes time to climb the mountain every day. I know … crazy. But the thing I admire about him the most was how he chose to make his family his first priority in life. My father was always around … for everything. When I was young, we used to go on outings we called “Ami and Zolo solos.” We even made up a little song to go along with it. He would take me for breakfast and make fun of my favorite music – he liked to call Cyndi Lauper “Cindy Pooper” just to make me mad. As I got older, he carted me around to my rehearsals and singing lessons. He never missed a performance. And miraculously he still found a way to be at all of my brother’s sporting games. As I became an adult, I realized how incredibly witty and wise he is. I can always go to him if I need advice about my career or life or if I just need a laugh. And my favorite thing is if anyone has done me wrong, he threatens to hang them from a flagpole by their underwear. Must be a Brooklyn thing. Sigh … if only I could find a guy as great as my dad. After the jump, his thoughts about fatherhood.Did you always know you wanted to be a dad?

I knew I wanted to be a dad because I never knew my father. But I had a very nurturing grandfather that raised me. He set a great example of what it means to be a father.

How was your life different before you had kids?

Before you came, it was just Mom and I and we were very involved in our careers. When you came along everything changed, including our sleep patterns! Ha! Add your brother to the mix four years later and life was never the same again!

What did you think when you found out Mom was pregnant with me?

I didn’t think! I was so overwhelmed with joy that I passed out!

What were your fears about becoming a dad?

That I didn’t want to be a negative influence in any way. I wanted to love you and your brother unconditionally.

Do you have any regrets about how you raised me?

No, we raised you to be your own person and that is exactly who you are.

What’s the best/worst thing about being a father?

The best is sharing in your children’s joys and achievements. The worst is staying calm and positive when things were not going well for your kids.

What was your proudest moment as a dad?

I have proud moments all the time with children like you and Adam. I’m not very religious, but I feel truly blessed.

What advice do you have for me about men?

Go with your heart and stay strong. Any man that ends up with you is truly lucky! You’re a real winner!