Krazy Kasey Gets A Cheesy Tattoo For “Bachelorette” Ali

If you weren’t following my “Bachelorette” liveblog last night, than allow me to recap the best ZOMG moment on the show thus far. After bachelor Kasey Kahl was denied a rose at the end of his one-on-one date with Ali Fedotowsky (though he wasn’t sent packing) because she felt he wasn’t being completely sincere, he felt he needed to do something BIG to prove himself. His off-tune singing came off as kind of creepy; his constant declarations that he was there to “protect and guard her heart” weren’t getting through to her — how to answer her call for him to just be himself? By getting a tattoo of course! Thankfully Kasey did not get Ali’s name tattooed on his body — he got something potentially worse (“Ali” could at least be amended to be another word/phrase, like “All Good!”). Kasey got a shield in front of a heart on his inner wrist to represent, of course, his promise to “protect and guard” the heart of a woman he’s known for barely a few weeks. Best of all, he included his “brothers” (i.e., his fellow bachelors) in his tribute, getting 11 stones inked on the shield to present each of the 11 dudes still standing. By some act of God, Kasey didn’t reveal his tattoo to Ali last night and she subsequently KEPT HIM AROUND for another week, which means we’ll get to witness more of his lunacy — but hopefully not his warbling.