Restylane Injections And Painful Radio-Frequency Therapy = Cost Of 2 Tickets To The Gun Show

People, what ever happened to the gym? It’s really quite simple. If you want hot arms, just do a crap ton of push-ups and call it a day. OK, easier said than done, and because of our couch potato culture, it’s unsurprising to discover that there are some scary quick-fix beauty treatments to sculpt your guns. The lesser evil-sounding of the two: injections of a gel called Restylane Vital to improve your wobbly hanging curtains by “restoring elasticity,” which is shot into several places in your arm. Those with fear of the needle can look to a horrifying procedure involving “radio-frequency energy to shrink the collagen within skin cells while stimulating new collagen growth.” The worst part is that it’s apparently super painful. Reports the Daily Mail: “Treatments had to be tailored to what patients could tolerate. CPT, the new version, stands for ‘comfort pulse technology’: a vibrating hand-piece that delivers the treatment means that the pain it causes dissipates more quickly through the skin, so that a larger area can be treated at once.” Like that sounds any more comforting.

Also unsurprising: these treatments will cost you an arm (or both) and a leg. [Daily Mail]