Christian Dior Would Like To See You (Literally) In Contact Lenses

Combining fashion and eyewear is a slightly contradictory deal. On the one hand, there are people who actually need to wear glasses, and so they opt for designer frames to deal with their genetic failings (but often still wish that their condition didn’t have to be a fashion statement). Then there are those who just think geeky specs are cool, so they stock up on fashion frames. (Note: I am one of those losers, thank you very much.) Now Christian Dior is taking things to a new level with these branded contact lenses, which have a swipe of gold on the surface as well as a tiny CD logo. So, these are for people who want to be all-designer, all the time? Because rarely is someone going to get so close to your face that they’ll ask you, “OMG, I love your eyes, where did you get them?” Or worse, during pillow talk when your guy gazes lovingly at you, he’ll now say something along the lines of, “Your eyes are just so … amazingly … trendy.”

What do you think of these Christian Dior contact lenses? Totally ridiculous? Or the beginning of a huge trend wave? [Fashion Indie]