Catherine Zeta-Jones Feels The Need To Apologize For Tony Acceptance Speech

Catherine Zeta-Jones has apologized after her Tony win for Best Actress in “A Little Night Music.” Jones isn’t sorry that screen actors swept the awards, but instead for the crassness of her acceptance speech. If you didn’t see it, the speech was a normal mix of surprise, modesty and frantic name listing, while trying to beat the walk-off music. As the orchestra began to swell, she blurted out to hubby Michael Douglas, “See that man over there? He’s a movie star, and I get to sleep with him every night.”The comment seemed to be her way of saying, “I am in lust with this old man, whether the world wants to believe it or not.” It came off as defiant, proud, and awesome. But Jones doesn’t agree. Today she said, “I can’t believe I said something … as crass as that.” [NY Daily News]

Catherine, we can show you real crassness. Here are some recent acceptance speeches to show you how vulgar you’re not.

Did you find Catherine’s speech crass? How about other acceptance speeches that weren’t so classy to add to the list?