Al Gore And Laurie David Allegedly Had An Affair For Two Years

Remember when Al and Tipper Gore split up a week and a half ago, and we brainstormed a list of who Al should date next? Numero three on said list was one Laurie David (far right), the former wife of Larry David. (The two divorced in 2007, amidst rumors that Laurie had an affair with the caretaker of their summer home.) Laurie is a high-powered global warming activist who produced Al’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” and since they’re both newly single, brown-haired, and all about the environment, we thought they’d be sooooo cute together.

Turns out, they have been cute together. For the past two years.According to Star Magazine, these two have been carrying on an affair for two years. After Laurie’s divorce, a source says, “Al and Laurie went from friends to lovers. It couldn’t be avoided.” And it looks like their dalliances finally split up Al and Tipper, the unofficial king and queen of awkward makeout sessions. [Star Magazine]

So are Al and Laurie still together? Will they become an actual couple now? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.