Agyness Deyn’s Style Site, Naag, Launches

When we found out about the news that Agyness Deyn would launch a weirdly titled style website called Naag, we were intrigued, but naturally a bit skeptical. Models becoming editors? Mainly, we’re just jealous because it’s not like most of us can do the reverse switch, considering our lacking in the height and size 0 departments. Anyhow, Naag launched today, and for the most part we like what we see! (To be fair, Deyn’s title is Creative Editor, but she isn’t the sole brain behind the project—although, let’s face it, she’ll probably get most of the press and credit. She’s teamed up with her friend Fiona Byrne, who is the mag’s ed-in-chief.) Naag’s design is clean but cool, and we appreciate the easy-going tone. In the categories of Fashion, Beauty, Places, and Culture, you’ll find articles with titles like “A Burger That Won’t Give You The ‘Food Baby’ Feeling,” “It’s Not a Headband, It’s a 21st Century Crown, Actually,” and “Cheetah Shorts That Won’t Make You Look Cheap.” Only criticism: the content itself isn’t too cutting-edge and covers subjects you’ve either considered before (the maxi skirt trend), or promotes stuff you’re probably already a fan of like Nars nail polish, your favorite Gap jeans, or, if you’re a New Yorker, the cocktails at the Standard Hotel.

But it’s clear that Naag doesn’t aim to be an edgy style publication breaking news about the next under-the-radar designer whose name you can’t pronounce. After all, the “About Us” section reads: “Naag is Fiona and Aggy and our friends. Talking about things we like and do and see and feel. We live in New York and like to hang out.” We have to give an amen to that, because for once, the cool kids aren’t trying to do something that takes a dash of hipster, multiplies its obscurity by 10, and then adds a sheen of something that’s supposed to be “artistic.” This is just people talking about what they like. And we like that. [Naag]