9 Celebs And Their Crazy Extravagant Mansions

celinedion 61410 m jpg
Celine Dion is almost as ridiculous as her swimming pool. The “Titantic” diva requires a lot of things, but at her vacation house on Jupiter Island, she needs 500,000 gallons of water to fill her pool private waterpark— a demand that has caused a local water shortage. While Dion previously faced fines for her 6.5 million gallon per year usage at that estate, back in 2008, she proceeded to drill six wells on her property. Still, she’s sucking down water at a rate that is just insane in the membrane. Did we mention her house is also on the ocean and that’s still not enough water for her?! While Celine’s the only celeb causing environmental issues because of a lazy river and water slides, there are plenty of celebs with crazy features in their homes. From a private zoo to a private landing strip that doesn’t come from a bikini wax, check out the wild house styles of the rich and famous!
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