12 Celebs With Crayola Colored Hair

crayola hair m jpg
I’ve had a blue streak in my hair since the 9th grade. My original inspiration was Stormer of The Misfits on “Jem and the Holograms,” but now I like it because it’s vaguely mermaid-ish. And there’s just something nice about having a pop of color in my otherwise dark brown hair. Apparently, famous folk are feeling the Crayola hair vibe, too. Lots of ladies have been stepping out lately with color wheel hair, and as you’ll see from these 12 examples, there are careful rules to embrace. First, your hair needs to be shiny and healthy, otherwise … well, ick. Second, the brighter, the better—things just get frumpy when the color fades. And finally, with hair this bright, keep all else sleek and sexy.
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