Topless Stripper Pinatas Giving Texans An Eyeful

A pinata shop in Donna, Texas, sells the usual Elmo and Batman pinatas, but it also sells one particularly troubling item: a pinata of a topless lady on a stripper pole. Moms who drive past the nudie pinatas told the local news station it’s inappropriate for little kids to see. No one questions, though, whether there’s something wrong with the idea of swinging a bat at a stripper pinata.
Kids whack a Batman or Elmo for the candy and prizes; it doesn’t actually mean they want to hurt Batman. Traditionally, I’ve only whacked donkey pinatas, but America doesn’t have a widespread donkey-beating problem. We do, however, have a problem with beating up women. But you would think that grown-ups — like women buying stripper pinatas for their man’s bachelor party — would pick up on the symbolism of whacking a buxom blonde on a stripper pole. If people were whacking pinatas shaped like police men or U.S. serviceman, everyone would be up in arms. Instead, we’re just concerned about the nudity. [CNN via Feministing]