Today’s Lady News: Teacher Canned For Premarital Sex

  • Jarretta Hamilton, a fourth grade teacher in St. Cloud, Florida, was fired for getting pregnant while she was engaged. When Hamilton’s boss at Southland Christian School asked her when she conceived, she answered honestly that she got pregnant three weeks before her wedding and was then fired for “fornication.” Now Southland Christian School is facing a discrimination lawsuit, arguing that pregnant, unmarried women would be fired under such rules while unmarried men who “fornicate” would not get caught. []
  • South African officials estimate 40,000 sex workers are on hand for the 2010 World Cup. Condoms, people. []

  • An audit in California has found that potentially thousands of women missed out on mammograms because a state program, which offered the screenings, was mishandled. [Contra Costa Times]
  • More icky news out of American Apparel: the company doesn’t make some styles above a size 4 or 6, including “disco shorts” and a schoolgirl skirt. []
  • Turn on a Sunday news talk show and who will you be unlikely to see? A woman. Research from American University’s Women & Politics Institute find that female state representatives and senators have only comprised 13.5 percent of appearances so far this year. [Politico]
  • Only 14 women in the world are self-made billionaires. Find out who they are! [Forbes]
  • Rebecca Lobo, former star of the UCONN Huskies basketball team, was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. [New York Times]
  • Minnesota senator — and former Saturday Night Live cast member! — Al Franken talks to about how he helped pass legislation to help women like Jamie Leigh Johnes, an Iraq war contractor who was gang-raped by her fellow KBR employees. [Feministing]
  • Gay and lesbian employees of the Illinois Treasurer’s office with domestic partners are now entitled to the same benefits as married partners. The state treasurer signed an executive order on the subject this weekend. [Chicago Sun-Times]


  • An Iranian airport official said 71 “improperly” dressed women were prevented from boarding airplanes in recent months. [AFB]
  • Iceland unanimously passed a same-sex marriage law on Friday. It’s currently the only country in the world with an openly gay head of state, Johanna Sigurardottir. [Reuters]
  • Miriam O’Reilly, 53, the former host of the BBC’s rural affairs show “Countryfile,” is suing for age and sexual discrimination after she was fired and replaced with a younger woman. [Daily Mail]
  • The U.K. seeks to address its problem of too few women in corporate boardrooms. [Wall Street Journal]