9 Celebrity Hit-And-Runners

hitnrun g1 jpg
January Jones was maybe caught in a hit-and-run after losing control of her Land Rover and slamming three parked cars on Thursday night, claiming she was being swarmed by paparazzi and “can’t deal with this commotion.” She did call the cops when she got home though. Having seen paparazzi, I can totally understand what a nightmare it must be to drive, but something needs to be done about all the celebrity hit-and-runs—it’s not safe for anyone! This is a super timely slideshow for me, as I was actually the victim of a hit-and-run, in slow-motion, by a Lincoln Continental in Hollywood last week! I didn’t get hurt, but it was weirdly energizing to scream and pound on the hood of a car while getting hit in the shins at 5 miles an hour … but considering most victims aren’t so lucky, watch where you’re going, celebrities! So you know who to avoid on the streets, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest offenders.
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