10 Stars Behaving Badly At Sporting Events

sports lady gaga jpg
If you want to see 100 celebrities a minute, there is only one place to go—a Los Angeles Lakers home game. The same is true in New York. At least a third of the star sightings I’ve had in my 12 years here have been at Yankees games. Famous folks love sports as much as, well, the rest of us. And they usually have better seats than you.

But sometimes celebrities aren’t content to cheer quietly from the sidelines. Take, for example, Lady Gaga at last night’s Mets game. First she showed up in a bikini with a leather jacket over it—we assume she only grabbed the jacket because it was raining. Then Gaga got annoyed at all the attention she was getting, so she started flipping the bird to fans. Way to show off your sportsmanship, Lady.

Here are other celebs being conspicuous at sporting events.

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