Can Science Fix Your Orgasm?

Is there a logical explanation as to why women can’t climax consistently or (in some cases) ever during sexual intercourse? Can a pill, patch, cream, or (gulp) vaginal collagen injection, morph a frigid woman into one who orgasms with male consistency?

The answer: Nobody knows. Naturally. But that hasn’t stopped science, bless its heart, from trying. But should they? A recently released documentary, “Orgasm Inc.,” begs ladies to think twice before assigning themselves to “female sexual dysfunction” a disorder companies are attempting to treat with a variety of fix-its. Director Liz Canner questions whether or not FSD even exists, and advises women proceed with caution. Regardless, below is a quick round-up of some ways the men and women in white lab coats have attempted to tinker and tweak the female libido to reach its full potential.1.) Intrinsa, “the sex patch”: Developed back in the 90s, Intrinsa, a testosterone-packed patch, was lauded as a miracle cure for women suffering from a myriad of sex problems. While never legal in the United States—regulators were weary of its link to cancer—those who slapped it on in Europe experienced an increase in satisfactory sexual experiences due to the waves of testosterone circling their systems. The caveat? Acne, hair loss, skin reactions, weight gain, migraines and insomnia. Yikes. Read more

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