The 10 Types Of Girl Friends Everyone Has

We love our friends. Why? Maybe because they love us back no matter what stupid things we say or do. In turn, we love them for their quirks, mistakes, and funny personalities, too. Often, friends fall into categories. Your group might not exactly fit like the foursome in “Sex and the City” or the famous “Golden Girls,” but there are striking, and often hilarious, differences in every crew. After the jump, check out some characteristics of the friends you probably already have. Do your friends fit the bill? Which friend are you?

  1. The Responsible One: Enter the friend who is always the voice of reason. She’s put-together and logical. She’s kind of like the good angel on your shoulder, who says, “That’s not very practical.” She might not be your first pick for a concert or a night on the town, but she’s the first one you call when you need to make the bigger decisions in life. When it comes to relationships, jobs and the things that really matter, there’s no one who gives better advice than she does.
  2. The (Not So) Secret Seductress: You have to love this one. Cute and friendly by day but seductress by night, this friend gets most (or maybe all) of the action in your group of friends. She owns her sexuality and has dated, slept with, or fooled around with almost everyone you know. Admire her sexual adventures from afar, but beware: No one is off-limits to this friend, including your latest crush. Spare yourself the strife and keep your personal life out of this friendship.
  3. The Sketchball: This is a true blue friend, but after the clock strikes 12, she is nowhere to be found. Call her, text her, or send out a search party … all attempts are futile. Always start your night out with this fun, spontaneous buddy, but don’t go out with her alone or you will end the evening getting a cab home by yourself.
  4. Little Miss Opinion: This friend always has something to say. Headstrong and full of ideas, she likes to run her mouth about how, if it were her, she would never do that. She can be slightly judgmental, but you love her for standing up for what she believes in. You might not agree with her political views, but one thing is certain: this friend will be fiercely loyal to you no matter what.
  5. The Comedian: When you’re feeling pessimistic and need to distract yourself from a long day at work or personal problem, this is your go-to gal. She has the positive attitude and sense of humor that we all wish we had a little more of — she doesn’t take anything too seriously. When you need belly-aching laughter and don’t feel like hashing out your emotions, hang out with this lady.
  6. The Boyfriender: Don’t we all wish we could be like this friend sometimes? She almost always has a boyfriend, and on the off chance that she’s in between relationships, she attracts guys faster than you can even tie your shoelaces. Aside from her relationship status, one thing is for sure: this friend knows the right way to be treated and never settles for anything less than she deserves. Go to her for the best empowerment pep talks and follow her example. Confidence is key!
  7. The Party Girl: When everyone else says no, this friend says yes. She’s always down for an impromptu road trip or party, pleasant to be around, and has the most active social life. She knows everyone and is willing to help you network or make a new friend. She doesn’t always know her limits, though, so know when it’s time for you to slow down on the partying scene.
  8. The Debbie Downer: It’s hard to see the bright side sometimes, but this friend doesn’t even know that there is a bright side. She whines, complains, and never has anything positive to add to the conversation. However, her redeeming quality is that she will always listen to you when you need to vent. Spending time with the Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy with an occasional lunch date or random phone call is best — no one wants to be brought down on a daily basis.
  9. The Shopaholic: This friend sets the trends before they’re even on the runways. She’s got style, an artistic flair, and the best taste in birthday presents. If you didn’t have an all-access pass to her closet, you would be twitching with envy. You never go on a date without her approval of your outfit first, and the two of you have a regular date called the Bloomingdale’s Semi-Annual Sale.
  10. The Geeky One: She might not be as wild and crazy as the Party Girl, but she’s a great sidekick. The geeky one will never leave you at an awkward social gathering. She tweets, she blogs, and she knows all the best websites to go to for online shopping. You forward your funny emails to her, and she sends you the interesting and thought-provoking articles from today’s New York Times. You can share all of your secrets, fetishes, and weird habits with her, because chances are, she’s weirder.