What Is “Getting Iced”?

Last night, I was at a party when one of my friends started making jokes about “getting iced.” Unbeknownst to me, this “getting iced” thing is all the rage amongst hipsters, bankers and even celebs like Ashton Kutcher. He’s so into it, he even started a site, IceAshton.com, where the first dude to “ice” him and take pics will win a prize. Who knew? And this morning, there was a feature about “icing” in the NY Post. OK, icing, you’ve got my attention. After the jump, the phenomenon explained. Don’t you feel cool? Get it … ice … cool? Stupid, I know.“Icing” is when some unfortunate soul is made to drop down on one knee and chug a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. The only way to avoid “getting iced” is to carry a bottle of Smirnoff Ice around with you at all times so you can “block” your “icing” challenger and make them chug-a-lug instead. Why? Clearly, because it’s a punishment to drink Smirnoff Ice. Have you ever had one? It’s gross. Plus, the party crowd is in dire need of a new, ironic drinking game. You can check out the the fratty website BrosIcingBros.com for more details about this twisted game. As far as I can tell, “icing” is a dude-centric thing, although I think women can “get iced” as well. The more you know, huh? I’m officially placing a bet that this “icing” thing will be part of “Jersey Shore” season two. [New York Post]