Today’s Lady News: Abortion By Computer?

  • Abortion providers in Des Moines, Iowa are using videoconferencing — or “telemedicine” — to administer RU-486, the abortion pill. Women can sit next to a nurse at a clinic and with a click of the mouse, the doctor can open a drawer to provide her a dosage. Opponents of abortion rights say administering the abortion pill via telemedicine could compromise women’s safety. Abortion rights supporters say using telemedicine for RU-486 helps women who live in rural areas where clinics don’t exist — in part because of opponents’ activism to shut them down. [New York Times]
  • Next week, the Food and Drug Administration will consider approval for a new type of emergency contraception, called ellaOne, which can be taken up to five days after sex. Currently, doctors advise women who have had unprotected sex to take the existing form of E.C., called Plan B, up to three days after sex. [ Broadsheet]
  • Chris Brown had to postpone a concert in Glasgow, Scotland, earlier this week after he was denied a visa following his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, last year. Said a government official, “We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offense. Public safety is one of our primary concerns.” [The Sun UK]

  • Florida Governor Charlie Crist has vetoed a bill that would require a woman seeking a first-trimester abortion to have an ultrasound and to pay for it herself. Crist said it created an inappropriate burden for women. [AP]
  • The Justice Department may tell prosecutors to enforce provisions of the Violence Against Women Action regarding domestic violence and stalking in cases involving gay and lesbian relationships, according to a new memo. VAWA, passed in 1994, makes it a federal crime to cross state lines with the intention of violating an order of protection, stalking, or committing an act of domestic violence. [New York Times]
  • A mother breastfeeding her daughter at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, claims she was told by ushers to feed her infant daughter in the bathroom. Sandra Snow and her family were sitting in the “nosebleed section” at a game Tuesday when two different employers told her to go elsewhere. Angered, Snow and her family left the game early. The local ABC7 news station visited Coors Field and found that the only place to sit down in the bathroom was the toilet. [The Denver Channel]
  • The Senate Armed Services Committee passed a provision in late May to allow women to pay for their own abortions at military hospitals and bases. Current law forbids nearly all abortions at military hospitals, meaning that to get the same health care she would receive at home a woman would need to go to a local hospital even — hypothetically — if she is stationed someplace like Afghanistan or Iraq. [New York Times]
  • Arlene Ramery, 50, a former police officer, who is a lesbian, is suing the New York Police Department for $40 million in a sexual discrimination lawsuit. Ramery was the only female detective in a Bronx precinct and said the atmosphere “permeated with sexism and other ‘frat boy’ type behavior,” including magazines full of scantily clad women left in the lunch area. Ramery also said her homosexuality made her the target of jokes. [New York Daily News]
  • A recently study by Northeastern University and the Harvard School of Public Health analyzing data taken from Massachusetts residents found that bisexual women reported to be in the poorest health, based on 16 out of 22 metrics. Both bisexual men and women said they faced barriers to health care, often felt sad, and had contemplated suicide in the past year more than heterosexuals. [Boston Herald]
  • Camille McCoy, 19, the University of South Carolina student who was shown pornographic photos by now-U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene thinks he should step out of the race. McCoy said she was in an on-campus computer lab in October when Greene, 32, asked her to look at his screen, which had pornographic pics on it. McCoy said she told him that was “not funny” and he asked to go to her dorm room with her. McCoy reported the incident several days later and Greene was arrested; he faces five years if convicted. [Fox News]
  • For the second time in a week, police in Laurel, Maryland, have arrested men for sexual trafficking of women and girls at area hotels. [Baltimore Sun]
  • The Atlantic Monthly’s Hanna Rosin addresses what she jokingly refers to as “the end of men” — how women are receiving more bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees — in a long, thoughtful piece. [The Atlantic Monthly]
  • If you’re on Twitter, you’d best be following @FeministHulk, who tweets things like “CULTURAL MINDFULNESS GIVE HULK SUPERPOWERS OF ANTI-PATRIARCHAL SMASH!” Check out Ms.‘s funny interview with the mystery person behind @FeministHulk. [Ms. Magazine]


  • Police, hospitals and shelters in the U.K. are preparing for a potential upswing in binge drinking and domestic violence during the World Cup. A spokeswoman for Women’s Aid, a national DV charity, said some areas in Britain see a spike in violence during big sporting events. [Times of London]
  • According to Amnesty International, Nicaragua has refused to lift a ban on abortions, even in the case of rape, incest or risk to the mother’s life. [The Guardian]