Shun, Shag, Or Marry: The Guys Of “Friday Night Lights”

It’s Friday! Which means that the only thing I can think about is getting home in time to watch the mouth-watering men of “Friday Night Lights.” It’s hard for me to choose which dude is more savory. Every week I have a different favorite. And did I mention how much I love all the new characters this season? Don’t think I didn’t notice little Luke Cafferty shirtless last week, and Vince Howard’s not looking too shabby either. Sigh, so many to choose from. After the jump, my current picks for whom I would shun, shag, or marry … at least for this week.Shun: Last season I thought freshman hotshot J.D. McCoy was a sweet kid with a douchey father. This season I think he’s a little s**t. After he started messing with hottie farm boy, Luke Cafferty, I was so dunzo with him. Shun, shun, shun!

Shag: Forever and always Tim Riggins. I don’t care that his bad boy image is giving way to a good guy this season. That only makes him hotter. He’s still the most shaggable dude in Dillon. I would never make him sleep in a trailer in my backyard. What the heck is that Cheryl lady thinking? That’s pure stupidity.

Marry: How can you really deny the beauty which is Matt Seracen? You can’t. He’s the catch of all catches. Hot, smart, creative, kind-hearted. My heart broke when his father passed away. Broke. If Julie doesn’t seal the deal before she leaves for college, she’ll be regretting it forever.