Guess The Celebuspawn

I’ll give you a hint: His mom is a leggy, American supermodel. Find out the answer with more hot shots, after the jump! Why it’s babelicious James Jagger! This week, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s son and his dirty dirty rock band Turbogeist played my favorite bar venue/place to dry-hump strangers— Lit Lounge in New York City. Sadly, I was not there to see those legendary lips and skinny pants in person, le sigh. But I’m glad the Jagger swagger didn’t skip a generation and there’s photographic evidence to prove those are some good genes right there.

TurbogeistI wanna rock with you.
TurbogeistProof drummers should never be allowed to wear shirts.
TurbogeistWe are Turbogeist!
TurbogeistThe also very hot guitarist.
TurbogeistThis hat explains his tattoo of a parrot wearing a top hat.
TurbogeistTiny dancer in the zone.
TurbogeistTurbogeist’s Penny Lane.