In Bed With … Mark Ronson

Born: September 4, 1975 in London, England
Sun Sign: Virgo
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Leo
Mercury: Libra
Venus: Leo
Mars: Gemini

Love Style:

Mark is pure heart when it comes to romance. He likes to feel everything in a big way and when it comes to love, he wants to express it everyday too. Although he will come across much shyer than he actually is when first meeting an object of affection, his M.O. is that taking it slow allows him to savor all the details of whom he is after and make it a learning experience before he jumps into it emotionally. Of course, while he’s at it, he’ll be tons of fun and can mask his emotions under friendship, making it somewhat confusing early on to distinguish what he has up his sleeve. However, once he gets into the groove of things and falls, he makes his statement of love in a grand way and will be one of the most loyal of the bunch. He will do whatever it takes to serve his one and only with all that he believes is beautiful in life and love.

Sex Style:

Focus can be an issue when it comes to sex. With Mark, he’s not the most sexually driven character in the universe and his desire comes in waves. When he’s on, he’ll be intense, magical, romantic and a giver. However, when he’s not feeling it, it won’t be easy to get him aroused, as once he’s in a particular frame of mind, not even sex can drag him away. This means that when he is horny, it tends to not be the longest sessions — but they’ll be interesting. He has unique turn-ons and probably likes add-ons, as in toys and even people. He’s social to the core, and even though his heart may belong to one, he might not necessarily make his body part of that deal. No matter, he isn’t a disrespectful type. So whatever does happen, he will tend to be on the up-and-up. Whichever the case, his mind moves fast, so what he might be into one day, he might not like the next. He thrives on the unpredictable, anything new and odd, as curiosity is his aphrodisiac.

His Type:

For true love, Mark needs someone who can keep his brain percolating. While he does have a taste for the finer things in life, and will need a stunning piece next to him, looks do take a back seat to someone he can truly bond with on a mental level and who can be a muse to him. Plus, brains matter, as he lives to be social and part of a crowd, so his partner needs to be able to play the yin to his yang in his world of cocktails and jetsetting, someone who is out in the world and into exploring it. He likes to have someone with her own life who can keep adding to the adventures rather than just glom onto him. The kiss of death for him is boredom and co-dependence. Of course, the strange twist is that he does have a soft spot for someone who can stir up drama, as he likes to keep busy — a lady who can turn the dial is someone who will do that. Not to say he wants it 24-7, but he does like being that strong savior type to someone, just a little. However, he’s not the Ronson to fall for a Lindsay type, as, ultimately, his love life will probably never be the main priority in his life.

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