20 Funny Phrases For Wrapping It Up

Let’s be serious here for a moment: forgetting to wear a condom in today’s world is as dangerous as sticking your finger in an electrical socket. But rather than getting electrocuted, you can end up with a baby you aren’t ready for or worse — you can get a slew of different diseases, some of which can’t be cured. Rather than be a fool, after the jump, check out 20 funny phrases for initiating the safe sex talk with your guy or to remind your friends to use condoms. 20 Funny Phrases For Wrapping It Up

  1. Wear a Jimmy hat.
  2. Wear a raincoat.
  3. Cover your tweedle.
  4. Use a stopper.
  5. Wrap it up.
  6. Don’t be a loner; cover your boner.
  7. Don’t make mistakes; cover your snake.
  8. No glove, no love.
  9. Avoid a frown; cover your clown.
  10. Wrap that rascal.
  11. If you don’t cover when you penetrate, you’ll be left to masturbate.
  12. Condomize to womanize.
  13. Wrap your bait before you mate.
  14. Don’t be a joker; wrap your poker.
  15. If you go into heat, package your meat.
  16. Before you bag her, sheath your dagger.
  17. While you’re undressing Venus, dress up your penis.
  18. If you think she’s spunky, cover your monkey.
  19. Before inserting your flesh injection, make sure to wear latex protection.
  20. Just cover your willy, silly!
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