Woman Calls 911 Looking For A Husband

We’ve got a new one to add to the 10 stupidest 911 calls in recent memory. Audrey Scott, a 57-year-old from Alliance, Ohio, had a few to drink and then dialed 911 … looking for a husband. Yes, any husband. She did this five times to be exact and on the final try finally found a sympathetic voice on the other end of the line. “You need to get a husband?” he said, to which Scott replied, “Let’s do it.” Last week, she was charged with improper use of 911 and had to spend three days in jail. If she gets in trouble again in the next year, she’ll have to serve an additional seven days. Yes, she did a silly thing but, really, can you blame a woman for trying? Dating can be rough! If only you could dial three numbers and find the dude of your dreams. [AP]

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