Website Lets You Place Bets On The End Of Political Marriages

Don’t you wish you could place bets on which political couples are going to break up first? Well, now you can! I don’t really know anyone who gambles, but I feel like those people are probably not the same people who care about celebrity divorces. [Wrong! I care about both! — Editor Amelia] But the website lets you put down your hard-earned cash in hopes that people like Sarah Palin and her husband whatshisface or Bill and Hilary Clinton will get divorced. And if you were already betting on Al and Tipper Gore, you might have walked away with a couple hundred bucks! The most interesting thing about the bets is that the less likely the couple is to get divorced, the more money you stand to win, and the folks at apparently think that George and Barbara Bush are $2,000 more likely to stay together than Michelle and Barack Obama … whom you’d only get $3,000 for your $100 bet if their marriage dissolved. This gives me a similarly icky feeling as those Ashley Madison adultery commercials. If/when I get famous, I would be totally bummed that people had nothing better to do then wish for the destruction of my theoretical marriage. I wouldn’t wish divorce on my worst enemy, let alone put money on it. It’s cute when people place bets guessing when a baby will come, but I feel like you’re asking for some mean karmic retribution betting on when the lawyers will arrive. I’m just imagining mean people sitting in their mean little homes, crossing their fingers that George Bush says something dumb enough to make Barbara throw in the towel. What do you guys think? Is it morally reprehensible or all in good fun? []