Quickies: Bethenny Frankel Is Not Allowed To Have A Straight Male Assistant

  • Bethenny Frankel needs an intern! On her new show, “Bethanny Getting Married,” the preggo Housewife tells her fiancé she’s meeting with some 23-year-old applicants. Jason has one (slightly controlling) rule: no straight guys. [BravoTV.com]
  • Sources tell gossip blog TMZ.com that Lindsay Lohan’s assistant, Elinore, has quit because she is “exhausted” and has “had enough.” Rough week you’re having, Lindz. [TMZ]
  • The “Karate Kid” is back — with Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s kid — and so is Ralph Maccio in this Funny or Die video. [Manofest]
  • Mariah Carey has allegedly decorated the inside of her and Nick Cannon’s nursery pink for a girl. Cue the butterflies, glitter and totally age-inappropriate bling. [Guanabee]

  • Lady Gaga attended a Mets game in New York City today and flipped off some paparazzi. [PopEater]
  • The blog HollywoodLife.com is hiring a Twilight fan reporter. How do you convey shrill, girlish shrieks via a resume? [HollywoodLife.com]
  • Hudson High School in New York crowned a pair of gay male best friends “prom king” and “prom queen.” Apparently, it took some debating over who would enter the contest as the “queen.” [Register-Star]
  • Men’s underwear: these are the dos and don’ts. [AskMen.com]