Packing List: Weekend Wine Tasting In Napa

weekend in napa jpg
Every Thursday throughout the spring and summer, we’re bringing you our Packing List, a guide to gearing up for your weekend jaunts, which is what the season’s all about!

This packing guide series has quickly gone from being practical to expressing our summer fantasies. Because, let’s face it, we’re not going to Napa this weekend. But maybe you are? In which case, your life is awesome. Congrats. Meanwhile, we’re totally OK with dreaming about what to wear in wine country. We’d go classic with just a touch of vintage with a lightweight shift dress and head scarf (for the convertible ride, obviously). Ladylike yet comfy shoes for strolling the vineyard. And of course, a tote to lug your wine around in. In fact, knowing us, we’d probably want to bring a few of those.

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