High School Boys Busted For Creating A Fantasy Sex League

Oh, high school, I don’t miss you one little bit.

Last summer, virgins students at the all-boys Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland, organized a “fantasy sex league” where they could earn points for bedding certain girls, The Washington Post reports. The boys planned to “draft” girls they knew onto teams, throw a series of parties which those girls would attend, and then tally up the points.

Fortunately, these Tucker-Maxes-in-training were caught before the first party took place. Three students received an in-school suspension. But after reading the creepy details of what these boys did, that punishment does not nearly fit the crime.First of all, these boys are total dumbasses because they posted their “team rosters” on the internet, where the mother of one of the girls on the list found it. (It’s called Google, kids.)

They posted two teams with names and descriptions of nine girls who would be “players” (or “prey,” in the words of one of the girl’s moms). One team was called the “Southside Slampigs” (!!!) and another was related to prostitution, the Post reports.. One girl is described as “willing to get down and dirty” and calls her mother a “cougar“; another girl is called “fun to play with sexually.”

The piece de resistance? Landon is the same high school attended by George Huguely, the former UVA lacrosse player who is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Yeardley Love, by slamming her head into a wall. Looks like Landon’s annual $28,800 tuition is worth every penny. [The Washington Post]