Dutch Women: Don’t Find A Job, Find A Husband!

Talk about returning to the 1950s. Dutch women who are currently unemployed are being propositioned with a very sexist and archaic deal. Instead of encouraging unemployed women to find new jobs, a Dutch council is offering them free makeovers worth about $1,686 each, advice from a dating coach, and free membership to a dating site! Obviously, the underlying motives would be that with their hot new look and access to single men, the unemployed women would find a new husband, take themselves off the job market, and thus, off the support of state money. The companies backing the deal explain that with a new look, tips from a coach, and a new outlook on life, the unemployed women will be more inspired and have a more positive outlook on their life and situation, thus leading to job offers. Oh c’mon, we know what they’re saying — get a man and get off social security. Lame. [Times UK]