Don’t Buy Maternity Wear — Rent It!

Expecting mothers everywhere can rejoice in the fact that instead of purchasing a brand-new wardrobe to accommodate that growing belly, it’s now possible to simply rent maternity wear! No one really wants to spend money on clothes that they’ll quite possibly only wear a few times before they’ve outgrown them — especially clothes that are slightly dowdy and oversized. That’s where Rent Maternity Wear comes in. It’s fashioned after sites like Rent the Runway, which lets women borrow high-end designer clothes. Casual wear is priced at $35 for the week, while more formal wear will cost around $70, but the dry cleaning bill and shipping fees are included! The wares available at Rent Maternity Wear include designer pieces from Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano, Olian Maternity and Maternal America, ensuring that stylish ladies with a bun in the oven will still have money in their pockets after giving birth. [LA Times]