An Ode To Iced Tea

Today is, without a doubt, the most important holiday of the year—National Iced Tea Day. I drink so much iced tea that it’s permanently in my blood stream. I just can’t get enough of the refreshing stuff. When I first moved to New York from North Carolina, I ordered iced tea at a restaurant and it was followed by the waiter asking a question I was unfamiliar with. “Do you want sweetened or unsweetened?” I had never heard of unsweetened before—in the South, we do it with loads of sugar—but gosh darn it, that was delicious and thirst-quenching, too! So where did iced tea come from? In 1904, a British Plantation owner named Richard Blechynden set up a booth to sell hot tea at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Only it was a billion degrees outside and no one was buying it. And so, he dumped ice into it to lower the temperature. Thank you, Richard. Your assignment for the night, dear readers—drink lots of iced tea. [Holiday Insights]