Alanis Morissette’s New Man: A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Souleye

Yesterday I was messing around on the internet when I saw a headline that said Alanis Morissette had gotten married to an underground rapper named Souleye. When I saw the article I thought, “It couldn’t be him,” but I clicked on it anyway. The article showed a large picture of Alanis’s new man and my jaw hit the floor.

I know him.In high school, I dated a crazy, older musician dude who was good friends with Souleye, aka Mario Treadway, 30. I’ve hung out with Mario on a few occasions, mostly in dark, smoke-filled rooms. I saw him perform when he was just getting started at a college in Williamstown, Massachusetts and last year, when he had made a name for himself on the hippie festival circuit. I’m not claiming to have known him well and I doubt he’d recognize my face, but I still have a few anecdotes I’d like to share. Gossip time!

  • Mario is from a small town in Massachusetts, but when he’s performing he’ll try his hardest to make you think otherwise. Last year I saw him rock out at a festival in upstate New York and he kept talking about how he was from California, where he lives now. My friends and I were laughing because, c’mon, dude’s from the middle of nowhere. Still, his music was amazing and even though the dance floor was a giant mud pit and his act was early in the morning, I shook off the hangover and the dirt to check him out. His performance was so good that a crowd actually gathered, despite the early hour and night of heavy drinking.
  • Alanis’ new man has always struck me as a romantic softie. When nobody knew his name he wrote cheesy love songs. My ex played one for me on his computer that featured Mario singing in this soft voice, “Every relationship has got its problems. That doesn’t mean we can’t solve ‘em.” My ex and I laughed because he was supposed to be a badass rapper. Still, I remember those lyrics — even though I heard them only once about five years ago — because they’re so true.
  • After Mario moved to California, he got in with some pretty well-established bands. He rapped with String Cheese Incident and Sound Tribe Sector 9—hippie jam bands—and hit up tons of festivals, including Jam Cruise, Burning Man and Coachella. His music is really upbeat and positive and some of his rhymes landed on CMJ’s top 20 charts. His albums are Balance in Babylon and Intergalactic Vibes, so, yeah, he’s a total hippie.