30-Day Breakup Guide: Day 4

To celebrate the publication of our first-ever book, The Frisky 30-Day Breakup Guide, we’re re-running the original series that inspired it, and having writer Maude Standish bravely road test the book’s expanded tasks and tips. So follow along, chart your own progress, and find out everything else you need to know to forget he-who-shall-not-be-named!

Get A Drink With Your Girls
It doesn’t matter if they’ve never met each other. Tonight, they’ll sit on your right and left sides at a bar, forming a sort of She-Ra-esque force field. Your friends will intercept and rebuff any men who try to hit on you, because this evening is about you, quality cocktails, and your pals reassuring you that it’s gonna be OK. If booze isn’t your thing, try meeting up at a chic café and sampling every single gourmet dessert. When it’s closing time, your two friends will walk you home, even if it’s out of their way. Because a hug on your doorstep at the end of a great night is even better when it comes from girlfriends who care about you than from a random dude after a first date—not to mention far less awkward. Enjoy those warm fuzzies and go to sleep smiling.

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