You Can Live in Obama’s Old Apartment

Well, it certainly isn’t the White House, but this one-bedroom New York apartment might be the closest any of us get to shacking up with Barack Obama. The Upper West Side pad recently hit the market, boasting hard wood floors, office space, and a chance to inhabit a place where the President once paced. The ad for the apartment claims that the man in charge lived there with a roommate during his junior year at Colombia University in 1981. If you are interested in living at Obama’s old place, it will cost you $1,900 dollars a month. But if you are just interested in taking a peek, we’ve posted some pictures after the jump. Don’t expect much, because even though he is the President now, Obama looks like he was once a broke college kid just like the rest of us. [Gawker]
I got excited because I thought the apartment came with closet space for all of Obama’s tall and slender suits, but I think that is actually the front door.

Maybe this hallway was once filled with model U.N. and mock trial members, sipping beers at one of the President’s ragers.

The tiny kitchen where Obama probably cooked meals for his practice state dinners.

I’m guessing this is the office space, but I am liking its new use as a living room/doggie play area.