Worth The Splurge: Zimmerman’s Thorn Corset Swimsuit

I generally don’t do bikinis. And it’s for the same reason I don’t do two-pieces that I hate overtly sexy one-pieces. I just don’t like to draw attention to my body in an incredibly obvious way, whether it’s with a super-low neckline, gold bling, or cutouts all around my torso. Then, this Zimmerman swimsuit won me over. I love how the front is plain but obviously sports excellent construction with the built-in boning and real hold-the-girls-in bra cups. The corset-like back is just enough to make the design extra special. True, it might seem a bit ridiculous to spend over $200 on a bathing suit, but for one that’s so timeless and well-made, I’d happily put down, then wear it summer after summer. [$230, Net-A-Porter.com]